Finale PDK Framework 0.74
Finale PDK Framework

Welcome to the Finale PDK Framework.

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The Finale PDK Framework is a C++ class framework around the Finale PDK and its APIs. The framework provides a very efficient way to develop Finale plug-ins. It cuts out lots of unnecessary coding and lets you focus on the important stuff. It also provides many tools to make you a more efficient plug-in developer.

The framework source code is dependent on proprietary MakeMusic code and therefore cannot be open source. However, most of the framework is available to programmers of the Lua language through a Finale plugin. The original plugin, developed by Jari Williammsson, was called JW Lua. Unfortunately that plugin ceased to be updated in 2017. There is now a follow-on plugin, almost completely backwards compatible with JW Lua, called RGP Lua.

You can find installation instructions and usage tips at the website for Lua on Finale. It also has a large and growing list of Lua scripts already written that you can either use directly or use as examples for developing your own scripts. Please consider adding any new scripts back into the Github repository.

What you need to develop Lua scripts using the framework:

  • Lua programming skills
  • A Lua programming environment. See the Development Environment page for more information.
  • Finale, to be able to test your Lua scripts.

(This documentation reference of the framework is generated directly from the source code, by the Doxygen application.)

Jari Williamsson
Robert Patterson