Finale PDK Framework 0.74
Todo List
Member __FCBase::DebugMsgInt (const char *pszPrefixText, int i)
Put class information in the title.
Member __FCUserWindow::ScrollChanged (FCControl *pControl)
Add support for other control types as needed.
Class FCArticulation
implement property for EDTARTIC_ASSIGN_AVOID_SLUR if Finale ever adds it to the UI.
Class FCControl
Fix issue where NSButton controls on macOS creep up the window when SetHeight is called during the lifetime of the window.
Member FCControl::ResizeRelative (float horizresize, float vertresize)
Resizing vertically does not always work correctly for FCCtrlButton controls on macOS.
Member FCCtrlTextEditor::SetTextColorInRange (int red, int green, int blue, const FCRange *pRange)
Show hidden text with more faded color in Windows (like the default black color already does). This is already implemented on the macOS side using alpha, but the solution on Windows introduces a lot of complexity for a feature that is probably rarely used.
Member FCMeasureNumberRegion::CloneFormattingFrom (FCMeasureNumberRegion *pRegionFrom, bool score, bool parts)
Implement pre-2010 FCMeasureNumberRegion::CloneFormattingFrom()
Member FCRawText::CreateObject () override
Implement copy support!
Class FCStemConnectionTable
: if we ever implement an FCStemPrefs class for Finale 26.2 prefs, perhaps refactor this to work similarly to FCTiePrefs::CreateTiePlacementPrefs and FCTiePrefs::SaveTiePlacementPrefs.
Member FCTimeSignature::IsIdentical (const __FCBase *pCompareObject) const override
Add support for compound bottom groups with more than one element.